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Contributors to the Kansas Arts Foundation

Tough enough to fight for the Arts
$99,999 – $50,000

$49,999 – $10,000

Anonymous, Manhattan
Blue Beacon International, Salina
Brownback Colyer Inaugural 2011, Inc., Topeka
Mark and Lisa Heitz, Topeka
J.B. and Anne Hodgdon, Lenexa

$9,999 – $5,000

Gerald and Priscilla O’Shaughnessy, Wichita

$4,999 – $2,500

Lawrence and Virginia Crossland Macha, Iola

$2,499 – $1,000

Bruce and Tina Breckenridge, Lenexa
Charlie and Marla Chandler, Wichita
David and Riki Cobler, Topeka
Barry L and Paula M Downing Foundation, Wichita
Frontier Wealth Enterprises, LLC:
Nick & Clare Blasi, Corey Lagerstrom and Matt Taylor, Kansas City
Joann Goldstein and Family: Jeanne & Martin, Manhattan
Arnold and Lana Gordon, Topeka 
 Greater Kansas City Community Foundation: Robert D. Regnier Fund, Kansas City
Charles F. and Susie Grier, Wichita
Guillermo Guillen, Overland Park
Edward J. and Helen B. Healy, Eastborough
Mark and Ann Knackendoffel, Manhattan
Charles and Elizabeth Koch, Wichita
Little Apple Toyota Honda: Tom and Barbara Holcombe, Manhattan
Michael B. and Jeanine H. Maloney, Wichita
Janet Lush Murfin and David Murfin, Wichita
Patrick and Kathy O’Shaughnessy, Eastborough
 Robert D. Regnier, Kansas City
A. Scott and Carol Ritchie, Wichita
Scott and Lisa Ritchie, Wichita
Dennis L. and Ann M. Ross, Wichita
Kenneth F. and Janet A. Shannon, Wichita
John and Molly Shawver, Wichita
Mary Elizabeth Stratton Living Trust, Topeka
Daniel J. Taylor Family Charitable Foundation, Wichita
Nestor Weigand, Jr., Wichita

$999 – $500

Charlson & Wilson Abstractors, Manhattan
Dale and Susanne Bradley, Manhattan, Citizens State Bank Miltonvale
Jerry Bressel and Ashlee Bressel, Overland Park
 Chris and Laura Burger, Lawrence
Youngsik Dokko, Overland Park
Donna and Michael Egan, Shawnee Mission
Jim and Linda Fritzemeier, Wichita
K. and Sudha Govindan, Shawnee Mission
John and Mary Lee Graham, Manhattan
Robert and Lynne Haines, Manhattan
 Evan and Shelley Howe, Prairie Village
Rajiv A. Idiculla, San Diego, CA
Mary MacBain, Shawnee
David and Mary Lindstrom, Overland Park
Bill and Mary Lynn Oliver, Jr., Wichita
Paulseen Financial Group: Ronald Paulseen, Wichita
Bill and Aileen Pollock, Fort Scott
Steven and Angela Priddle, Manhattan
Don and Venita Rosenow, Clay Center
Richard G. Rossman, Olathe
Kenneth Selzer and Deborah Grimes, Leawood
John and Ruth Stauffer Fund of the Topeka Community Fund, Topeka
Sterneck Family Foundation: Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Kansas City
Dennis and Karen Taylor, Topeka
Warren and Carol Weibert, Manhattan
Jerry and Linda Browning Weis, Manhattan

$499 – $250

John and Barbara Altstadt, Manhattan
Stan and Gretchen Andeel, Wichita
T.C. and Trella Anderson, Topeka
Rick and Sevene Bartley, Overland Park
H. Alan and Karen K. Bell Family Foundation, Manhattan
David E. and Mary M. Bengtson, Wichita
Brent and Virginia Benkelman, Manhattan
Paul and Christine Benne, Manhattan
Craig Bruner and Hugh Bruner, Overland Park
Kenneth and Kathleen Buyle, Manhattan
Brian and Mary Byington, Manhattan
George and Rachel Cherian, Shawnee Mission
Howard W. Ellington and Howard W. Ellington II, Wichita
Larry and Laurel Erickson, Manhattan
Tim and Tracy Farrell Foundation, Wichita
Linda and Jon Ferguson, Kensington
Helen J. Galloway, Wichita
John P. Goodman, D.D.S., L.L.C., N. Kansas City
Ann and Terry Harts, Manhattan
Jeffrey and Margaret Hornsby, Manhattan
 Stephen and Maryann Hughes, Overland Park
Kenneth J. and Michelle M. Hush, Wichita
 Stephen Iliff, Topeka
Joe and Nancy Knopp, Manhattan
Jon and Lila Levin, Manhattan
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dean Mann, Fort Scott
John and Karin Matta, Manhattan
Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Mingos, Mission Hills
J Kevin Murphy, Topeka
Bob Nonemaker, Leawood
Thomas Phillips and Dr. Debbie Doubek-Phillips, Manhattan
Dr. and Mrs. James Ransom, Topeka
Dennis L. and Ann M. Ross, Wichita
Dale and Ronda Rodman, Topeka
Mike Shilling and Diane Gaede, Manhattan
Jill Stehley & Pat Harrison, Prairie Village
Edward and Susan Thompson, Manhattan
Keith and Martha Walker, Gulf Stream, FL
Stanley and Ursula Weilert, Wichita
Fred Willich, Manhattan
Marc and Cathi Wilson, Manhattan
Don and Jan Wissman, Manhattan
Billie Woodward, Manhattan
Mary Anne Wright, Hutchison
S&B Motels, Salina

$249 – $100

Amanda and Jason Adkins, Overland Park
 Anonymous, Overland Park
Anonymous, Stillwell Park
Mimi Balderson, Manhattan
Todd and Janet Barrows, Manhattan
 Mary Birch, Overland Park
Blaylock Chemical: Inez Blaylock & Sue C. Park, Overland Park
Southwind Art Gallery: Gary Blitsch, Topeka
 Michael Boehm, Lenexa
Lee Borck and Kathy Borck, Manhattan
Steven E. and Patricia K. Brownback, Overland Park
Cynthia C. Carnahan, Wichita
Chad and Segen Chase, Manhattan
Marica and Larry Cooper, Manhattan
 Bill and Connie Coulter, Paola
Claire DeHon and Al Hamscher, Manhattan
Darrell and Kay Denton, Manhattan
LTG (RET) Michael and Diane Dodson, Manhattan
Barbara Drolet-Villman and Steven Villman, St. George
 Jeremiah and Mona Enna, Merriam
Howard and Ann Erickson, Manhattan
Joe and Nancy Farrar, Manhattan
Fred Gardner, Kansas City
Kent Glasscock and Joyce Glasscock, Manhattan
Carl and Sandra Kay Hartley, Paola
Fred and Katherine Hasler, Manhattan
Tom Hawk, Manhattan
Richard and Barbara Hayter, Manhattan
Ben and Kathy Herzog, Wichita
Al and Judy Higdon, Wichita
 Camille and Ed Honesty, Leawood
Charles and Julie Hostetler, Manhattan
Ken and Judy Hughey, Manhattan
David Jervis, Wichita
C. Clyde and Margaret Jones, Manhattan
CH (Maj Gen) RET Orris and Charlotte Kelly, Manhattan
Katherine H. Knorr, Wichita
Larry and Carol Lady, Shawnee
Benny Lee, Kansas City
Kerry and Vicci Livgren, Berryton
Dean and Kathy Lovig, Paola
Chuck and Kathy Lyman, Manhattan
April Mason and Franklin Heiliger, Manhattan
Nathan McCaffrey, Liberal
 Katie and John McGurk, Kansas City, MO
Jim and Cory McNair, Manhattan
Jeff and Kristin Melcher, Leawood
Gary and Kristin Mortenson, Manhattan
Susan Mosier, Manhattan
James and Jeanette Munyon, Manhattan
 Gregory Musil, Overland Park
Kent and Liz Nelson, Manhattan
Monty and Anne Nielson, Manhattan
Kent and Lana Oleen, Manhattan
Steven J. and Jennifer D. Prstojevich, Lee Summit
Ingrid and Michael Reed, Leawood
Murl Riedel, Topeka
W.R. and Yvonne Robbins, Olathe
Dixie and Thomas Roberts, Manhattan
James N. Roberts, Manhattan
Michael and Karen Rogers, Manhattan
Sierra P. Scott, Wichita
David and Jeanne Schafer, Manhattan
Susan Schlapp, Wichita
Richard and Martha Seaton, Manhattan
Donna and Richard Seidler, Manhattan
Kerry Smith and Paula Landoll-Smith, Marysville
Daryn Soldan, Manhattan
Kenneth and Kristie Stafford, Manhattan
Jay Stehley, Wichita
Judy Stehley, Manhattan
Harold and Patty Stones, Topeka
Patricia Strathman, Manhattan
 Stratton Family Foundation: Brad and Kimberly Stratton, Overland Park
Tim and Anne Swarts, Olathe
Jonathan S. Thomas, Kansas City
 Shawn Tolivar and Nicoya Helm, Roeland Park
Thomas and Barbara Van Slyke, Manhattan
Rick and Jacque Wallace, East Amherst, NY
 Jennifer and Bryan Wampler, Lenexa
Ty and Mary Warner, Manhattan
Doug and Sandra Wiley, Manhattan
Jeff and Lucy Williams, Manhattan
Ron and Chris Wilson, Manhattan
Kar Woo, Overland Park
Keith and Sue Ann Wright, Manhattan
 Linda Wunsch, Paola
Kansas City Dental Implant Society, Lee Summit

$99 and Below

Anonymous, Lake Quivira
Anonymous, Manhattan
Anonymous, Roeland Park
 Anonymous, Stilwell
Becky Ansley and Nicole Harper, Overland Park
William and Rachelle Bahr, Manhattan
 Kenneth and Elizabeth Blume, Overland Park
Bill and Linda Felber, Manhattan
 Paris Goodnight, Salisbury, NC
Ross and Stephanie Grynkiewicz, Manhattan
Gerald and Marilyn Harrison, Overland Park
WH and Trudie Foltz Hoffman, Westmoreland
Louise and Craig Kessell, Hot Springs Village, AR
Halee Lindstrom, Overland Park
 Leigh A. Lynch, Overland Park
Bob and Mary Reader, Manhattan
Larie Schoap, Manhattan
Robert and Julia Strawn, Manhattan
Charles Thomas, Jr. and Susan Peterson Thomas, Manhattan
J. Todd and Ellen D. Winter, Andover


Abbey Road – Cottonwood Canyon Event Entertainment
Ag Press, Manhattan – Stationery & Printing
Drs. Suzanne Bennett and Thomas Place, Manhattan –
December 2012 Board Meeting & Luncheon Hosts
Sarah Black, Junction City – Graphic Design
Jeffrey Black, Junction City – PowerPoint
Brancato’s Catering: Debbie & Steve Brancato and Mario Brancato –
Cottonwood Canyon Event BBQ Buffet & Catering Services
Ashlee Bressel, Overland Park – Cottonwood Canyon Event Invitation & Postage
Governor Sam and Mary Brownback, Topeka – Topeka Area Event Hosts
Carol Chelz & Marla Day, Manhattan – Manhattan Event Decor
CivicPlus, Manhattan – Website Creation, Maintenance & Online Donation Support
Claflin Books and Copies, Manhattan – Stationery & Printing
Della Voce: Noah and Olivia Reagan, Manhattan –
Contribution toward Catering December 2012 Appreciation Reception
Sandra and Carl Hartley, Paola – Cottonwood Canyon Postage & Administrative Services
Hawley Printing, Manhattan – Stationery & Printing
Hughes & Company, Inc: Steven and Maryann Hughes, Overland Park –
Cottonwood Canyon Event Hosts
HyVee, Inc – Cottonwood Canyon Event Beverages
Karg Art Glass: Patti & Rollin Karg –
Cottonwood Canyon Event Artwork for Centerpieces & Auction
Dave and Mary Lindstrom, Overland Park – Administrative Services
Linzcott Images, Jan and Larry Titus, Lenexa – Contribution toward Directors Name Badges
Nathan McCaffrey, Liberal – Social Media Administration
Michael and Jeanine Maloney, Wichita – Wichita Area Event Hosts & Catering
Manhattan Conference Center, Manhattan – Manhattan Event Venue
Millers Lab, Pittsburg – Business Cards
Betti O. – Events Special Entertainment
Priscilla O’Shaughnessy, Wichita – Wichita Event Catering
Outpost Worldwide: Michael Wunsch & Robert Cecil – Photographic Competition $1000 Prize
Parrish Management Corporation, Topeka –
Office Space sublease to Kansas Arts Commission
Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Jay and Barbara Nelson, Manhattan – 
2012 Arts Appreciation Event Host
Sue Schlapp, Wichita – Postage
Drs. Daniel and Donna Thomas, Mission Hills – Kansas City Area Event Hosts
The Trust Company: Mark Knackendoffel, Manhattan – Administrative Services
Realty Executives Weis Real Estate Company: Linda Browning Weis, Manhattan –
Office Furniture, Postage & Administrative Services


Honoring the Linda and Jerry Weis Golden Wedding Anniversary
Ross and Stephanie Grynkiewicz, Manhattan
Terry and Ann Harts, UMB/Harts Group, Inc., Manhattan

Honoring Ross and Stephanie Grynkiewicz
Tom and Barbara Holcombe for Little Apple Toyota Honda, Manhattan


In Memory of Melba Benkelman
Brent and Virginia Benkelman, Manhattan

In Memory of Stanley Byington and Edward Hampp
Brian, Mary, and Sierra Byington, Manhattan

In Memory of Dorothy Currence
Gerald and Marilyn Harrison, Overland Park
Louise and Craig Kessell, Hot Springs Village, AR
Mark and Ann Knackendoffel, Manhattan
Jay Stehley, Wichita
Jill Stehley and Pat Harrison, Prairie Village
Jerry and Linda Browning Weis, Manhattan

In Memory of Edward Slater
Carl and Sandra Kay Hartley, Paola
Kent Glasscock, Manhattan
Mark and Ann Knackendoffel, Manhattan
Charles Thomas, Jr. and Susan Peterson Thomas, Manhattan
Jerry and Linda Browning Weis, Manhattan

*The Kansas Arts Foundation is registered with the Kansas Funeral Directors Association